What loss or trauma would you like to share a story about?

Over twenty years ago, I had a career as a model. I travelled a lot, had an exciting and full life and made my living from my looks. For years I exercised and dieted to maintain my figure. But one day I reached the age limit set by the fashion industry and it all stopped.

How did you handle it at the time? What did it mean for you?

I kept looking after myself properly. My body also changed. I put on some weight. After my 45th birthday I studied art history for 4 years. The combination of studying and renovating our house, a job in an art gallery as well as a number of events that crossed my path, exhausted me completely, resulting in a burn-out. During my recovery, my husband encouraged me to pick up the camera again. A return to my first love, which also brought up a huge amount of insecurity. I felt very small among all the big photographers I know. But I also felt it was time, so I ended up in portrait photography with a particular love for nude photography.

Where do you stand in life today?

Today, I feel very good in my skin. For the last two years I have allowed my hair to be its natural silver colour and I’m back working as a model alongside my photography career in which I mainly photograph women around the ‘body positive’ concept. I look for beauty in vulnerability, when you’re naked you can't hide anything. I want to redefine beauty, shift society’s norms.

05 Eva R Sun

Are there issues related to this event that you are grateful for today?

I am grateful to have been given the opportunities and to have created them myself to be able to work with my passion, doing portraits of people. I am also grateful that, with my portrait photography I can help women to feel sensual and beautiful again.

Which woman do you look up to?

I really admire Vivienne Westwood. She is a rebel, someone who walks her own path regardless of what other people think or say.