What loss or trauma would you like to share a story about?

We tried to make our dream of having a child come true for two years. And in those two years I had two miscarriages.

How did you handle it at the time? What did it mean for you?

I was only a few weeks along with each of them, but these upsetting experiences caused a lot of anxiety during my third pregnancy, and consequently I was totally unable to enjoy being pregnant.

The birth was hell. It lasted three days and there were complications. The baby almost didn't make it and I suffered excruciating physical pain.

Where do you stand in life today?

This created huge anxiety about having a second child. I really didn't dare take that risk. I had imagined that being pregnant and giving birth would be something beautiful and wonderful, but my experience was the exact opposite. Estée sometimes wishes she could have a brother or sister, but I really don't dare to do it again.

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Are there issues related to this event that you are grateful for today?

I am so extremely happy with and thankful for our beautiful and especially healthy daughter.

Which woman do you look up to?

I look up to ALL strong women who are self-confident and who stand up for their views. Personally, I am a very insecure person and extremely sensitive.

This shoot did give me a boost, but it also made me realise that everyone carries their baggage with them and that there are a lot of nice stories, but also some not so nice stories behind every smile. And it is for that exact reason that I look up to all these amazing women. Beautiful ladies each and every one of them. I’m so glad I was able to get to know them.