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Here we are again at the beginning of a new year.
That is invariably ushered in with a whole series of good intentions that will have completely disappeared from our memory after a month or so. In my experience that is not the case when you set goals. Especially if you write them down and keep them up to date. I do that myself in my bullet journal. Now I thought it might be nice to make a free printable PDF for you, which you can use yourself.

The most important thing about setting goals is to make them very concrete and specific. If you keep it vague, you probably won't do it. Ask yourself some questions. E.g. What do I want to achieve in my personal life? The answer could then be more time for myself. If you stop here, it would be far too vague, it probably won't happen. So ask yourself one more question. E.g. what does that mean for me? Answer: I want to read more. And so you ask yourself enough questions for each goal until you come to, for example: every Wednesday morning I will get up one hour earlier and read in the sofa. Or on Wednesdays I won't watch TV and I’ll read at night.

Goal planner2

You can then write that down as a goal. Then you can also start thinking about the steps needed to achieve this. E.g. I’ll set up a cozy reading corner at home, I’ll buy a number of books that I have been wanting to read for a long time or I’ll request a library card. You can write them all down and check them off when you're done. Because ticking off gives so much satisfaction, right?

If you fill in the form below you can download the free printable pdf.

In it you will find the following:

  • a short explanation
  • a few pages to write down your goals for different aspects of your life
  • a number of pages to write down the different steps you need to take. With check box. 😊
  • an annual planner where you can plan the different steps of e.g. larger goals.

Have fun with it!